About us

DT KODEN company from Novi Sad is one of the largest importers of the steel and aluminum panels, in the local and the neighboring markets. The origin of this material is from the European Union.

The company is specialized for the construction of industrial buildings of high quality, and in cooperation with our subcontractors, emerging as a general contractor for the foreign and domestic investors both.

Application of these materials can be various:

  • construction
  • construction of all types of commercial and industrial buildings warehouses, sports halls, chambers, cold storage, dairy, dryers, slaughterhouse
  • internal editing
  • in the area of window and door frames
  • and various other application
  • and many others.

The mission of our company is constantly meeting the needs of our customers, providing them with a high level of quality and service, with a vision of the continuous improvement of the operations in the accordance with the international standards.


Industrial properties displayed on this web site are only a small part of the reference lists of the DT KODEN company.